Thursday, December 23, 2010

Name A Building Where Many People Sleep, Though Accommodations Aren't Comfortable

Name Something People Run Out Of Quickly While Having A Cold

Tell Me How Much A Room At A Cheap Motel Costs

Name Something You'd Hope To See At Least One Of During A Trip To Hawaii

Name A Game That Requires Players To Cover Their Eyes

Name An Occasion For Which Couples Have Formal Pictures Taken Together

What Would You Be Disappointed To Find Out About Your Hotel In Hawaii

Name Something In Your House That Might Get Broken During A Wild Party

Name Something You'd Find In A School Lost-And-Found Box

If A Groom Was Extremely Nervous About Getting Married, What Might He Do At The Altar

Name A Food That Doesn't Cost Too Much

Name An Expense From A Business Trip That Your Employer Probably Wouldn't Reimburse

Name An Article Of Clothing That You Don't Have To Try On Before Buying

Name Something A Bachelor Pad Needs

We Asked 100 Single Women: Name The Biggest Obstacle When It Comes To Meeting Someone

Name Something Specific That Teenage Girls Do Around The Boy They Like

Name A Place Where A Woman Would Hate For Her Husband To Be When She Went Into Labor

What Is A Good Pet For A Child Who's Too Young To Care For A Dog

Name Something You Do Each Day, But You Never See Soap Opera Characters Doing

Name Something Babies Do That You Would Be Embarrassed To Have Someone See You Do As An Adult

Name Something That Horror Movies Have Made Many People Afraid Of

Name Something A Teenage Girl's Parents Would Hope That Her Boyfriend Didn't Have

Name Something You Should Find In Most Banks

Name Something Many People Fill Their Pockets With Before Checking Out Of A Hotel

Other Than Tomato Sauce, What Might You Put On Top Of Pasta

What Occupation Might Someone Have If They Carry A Folder Marked Top Secret

Name A Job In Which You'd Be On Your Feet All Day

Name An Instrument You Wouldn't Want To Play In Marching Band

What Might A Girl Wear For The First Time To Her Junior High Dance

Name A Professional Football Team That's Named For An Animal

Name An Activity For Which People Wear Gloves

Name A Job Where You Need A Good Sense Of Direction

Name A Way People Get Rid Of Mice

Name Something Specific You'd Expect To See In One Of Those New Age Stores

Name Something A Long Distance Trucker Might Need A Lot Of

Name Something You Need To Get A Good Shave

Name Something People Stop For On Their Way To Work

Name A Reason One Dog Might Make A Better Security Dog Than Another